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Piers Morgan, 55, revealed that he received a panicked message from Holly Willoughby, 39, after she was contacted to record an obituary for the GMB host. The father-of-four explained that his co-host Susanna Reid and cricketer pal Kevin Pieterson were also asked to film tributes about his life.

Piers said that the pranksters had pretended to be from the news network ITN, and created a panic amongst his famous friends who texted him to ensure he was okay.

The former Britain’s Got Talent judge wrote in the Daily Mail: “Fortunately, my friends concern for my health marginally outweighed their natural craving to be on camera, or at least it did for the ones I know about.

“‘Are you OK?’ asked a panicky Holly. ‘I’ve been asked to record an obit message about you?’

“‘It’s a fake,’ I chuckled. ‘Out of interest, what would you have said in your tribute?’

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“Wake Up is my account of the most tumultuous few months in modern times as coronavirus turned the world upside down and exposed the very worst, and very best of human qualities. 

“If, like me, you’re sick and tired of being told how to think, speak, eat and behave, then this book is for you.

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Piers added: “If, like me, you’re tired of being made to feel ashamed of our country, then this book is for you.”

The TV star explained how he believed NHS workers and Captain Tom Moore are the real heroes of the pandemic and not celebrities.

He continued: “If, like me, you think NHS heroes and Captain Tom are the real stars of our society, not self-obsessed tone-deaf celebrities (and royal renegades!), then this book is for you. 

“If, like me, you’re sickened by the cancel culture bullies destroying people’s careers and lives, then this is the book for you.”

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