Indians spent half the day on self-care, maintenance in 2019: National Statistical Office

NEW DELHI: The average Indian spends half their day on self-care and maintenance, and around 11% of the time daily in employment and related activities. These are the findings of the Time Use Survey that was conducted in the country from January-December 2019 to measure the participation rate and time spent on paid activities, care activities and unpaid activities.

As per survey findings released Tuesday, Indians spent 50.4% or 726 minutes of their time daily on self-care and maintenance. Rural males spent an average 51.2% of their total time on these activities.

The survey covered 1.38 lakh households (rural: 82,897 and urban: 55,902). This survey enumerated 4.47 lakh persons of age 6 years and above (rural: 2,73,195 and urban:1,74,055).

Overall, 86.9% people participated in culture, leisure, mass-media and sports practices daily.

It showed that 22% males and females in rural households participated in production of goods for own final use while only 5.8% people in urban households took part in this activity.

“Average time spent in a day per person for any activity is calculated by considering all the persons irrespective of whether they participated in the activity or not. By this approach, distribution of total time of 1440 minutes of a day per person in different activities is derived,” the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) said.

Women spent 299 minutes on average on unpaid domestic services for household members compared to 97 minutes spent by men. In the activity ‘Unpaid caregiving services for household members’, women spent 134 minutes as against 76 minutes spent by men, according to the survey report.

Both rural and urban males spent around 7% of their time on learning that includes self-study for distance education course work (video, audio, online) while rural females allocated 5.7% and urban females spent 6.1% of their average daily time on learning.

“The primary objective of Time Use Survey is to measure participation of men and women in paid and unpaid activities,” the ministry said, adding that the survey is an important source of information on the time spent in unpaid caregiving activities, volunteer work, unpaid domestic service producing activities of the household members.

The survey report revealed that 37.9% rural males and females participated in employment and related activities while 38.9% urban males and females were involved in this activity.

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