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    Afghanistan children in plea to British families – 'You don't have misery we have'

    Afghanistan children in plea to British families – ‘You don’t have misery we have’

    The Daily Express has heard harrowing tales of young people being used as sex slaves and suffering torture, shootings and extreme poverty after they travelled to Iran in search of work. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, rising numbers of terrorist attacks across the country and jobs vanishing during the winter months will lead to more attempting the crossing – despite the threat of death. One teenager, who endured vile abuse and humiliation by Iranian police after leaving home to feed his family, pleaded with British families for help.

    Ahsan, who twice attempted the crossing last year before his 18th birthday, said: “Britain can do a lot because they are in a better situation.They are not at war.”

    The Daily Express has linked up with UK-based aid charity War Child to help the young victims and is launching a Christmas appeal Torn From Home for fundraising help today.

    Eshaq Karimi, War Child UK’s project manager in Afghanistan, said: “They are victims. They are survivors. They are looking out for their families. They risk their lives, their future, everything to make sure that their families – particularly sisters, younger brothers, their mother – have a better life.”

    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said: “No child should have to leave the safety of their family and find work because of war.

    “UK Aid Match gives the public the chance to double the impact of their donations to some of their favourite charities.

    “With your support, War Child UK will be able to help keep children affected by war in Afghanistan at home and safe, with the support they need to reach their fullest potential.”

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