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Is your BT broadband having issues? You’re not alone as annoying Wi-Fi glitch confirmed

Is your BT broadband having issues? You're not alone as annoying Wi-Fi glitch confirmedBT BROADBAND customers have complained about an annoying glitch that breaks...

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Ann Widdecombe warns Boris about to betray Brexit Britain and ‘SURRENDER’ to the EU | Politics | News

Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe admitted that Boris Johnson was only going to make bad decisions going forward with trade talks. While speaking to Martin Daubney and Belinda de Lucy on Brexit Unlocked, Ms Widdecombe claimed Boris could cave to the EU as early as next week Tuesday. She insisted that he had already shown he does not stick to his Brexit promises.

She highlighted his reluctance to step away from trade talks with the EU after a deadline is missed.

Ms Widdecombe said: “I think Boris Johnson will betray Brexit and the signs have been there.

“Ben Habib has repeated the numerous deadlines that we have had saying that if we got to that point we were going to go.

“Now if we had actually walked at the end of June, my belief is that we would have had a deal by now.

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“This is because they would have realised that we were serious and they would have recognised our sovereignty and we would have been talking about terms of trade.

“That is something different altogether.

“But Boris didn’t do it and he didn’t do it for numerous subsequent deadlines.”

Ms Widdecombe reiterated her scepticism that the UK and EU were close to agreeing on a Brexit deal.

“So it is very bad news and I think because we do have to decide one way or the other by December 31, we are running out of time.

“I think all the decisions will be bad ones because that is simply the way things have been going for some time.

“It is not just that I am pessimistic, all the signs are there.”


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