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    Autism symptoms: A seemingly ‘lack of empathy’ can be a sign of the condition

    Known as a spectrum condition, people with autism have different strengths and weaknesses. Many autistic people lead independent lives with jobs and relationships, but may require additional support.

    According to Autism Anglia – a charity devoted to enhancing the lives of autistic people – lots of adults with undiagnosed autism have found their symptoms “manageable”.

    However, as responsibilities mount, it may be more difficult for a person with autism to cope.

    Maintaining friendships and/or romantic relationships may be difficult, as a person with autism may struggle to understand other people’s emotions.

    Working in bright, busy environments might be difficult, preferring to do jobs that require routine, logic and high levels of detail.

    If you suspect you’re suffering from autism, the NHS advises booking an appointment with your GP.

    From there, you might be referred for an autism assessment where specialists can determine if you qualify for a diagnosis or not.

    Before attending, the NHS advises writing down the signs of autism you believe you exhibit.

    The waiting list for an autism diagnosis could be extremely lengthy, but there are other options available.

    Do call the National Autistic Society helpline on 0808 800 4104, who can offer details about private assessments.

    For more information on the condition, please visit the National Autistic Society.


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