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Elvis Presley: Graceland’s rigged pinball machine The King played with his Memphis Mafia | Music | Entertainment

Elvis Presley purchased his Graceland home and grounds in 1957 for the cost of $102,000 at the time. That’s 10,000 square feet of mansion...

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Biden blasted for letting 'woke revolutionaries' dictate his political agenda – 'Disaster'

Biden blasted for letting ‘woke revolutionaries’ dictate his political agenda – ‘Disaster’

Allister Heath, editor of The Sunday Telegraph, also claimed that these left-wing ideologues posed a threat to Western democracy and capitalism – and could have a negative impact on UK Government policies. The new US President has got his term off to a blistering start, issuing a raft of executive orders while rolling out the vaccination programme at record speed, as well as passing his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. Moreover, Mr Biden is now moving to get Congress to approve his $2 trillion infrastructure bill, that has been dubbed the American Jobs Plan.

However, Mr Heath believes that the US President has pandered too much to the left wing extremists in his party and that the consequences will be felt not just in America but also in the UK.

In an op-ed for the Daily Telegraph, he wrote: “But while some of Biden’s decisions have been sensible, most haven’t.

“Out of weakness or lack of focus, Biden has allowed his party’s radicals too much sway.

“The consequences will be disastrous not just for America but also for Britain.”

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