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Boris Johnson is ‘fizzing with ideas’ as he leads Britain into the post-Brexit era – VIDEO | Politics | News


Andrew Mitchell told Sky News that the Prime Minister has a clear plan which he set out in the levelling up agenda. Mr Mitchell added that he is not worried regarding the possibility of Mr Johnson becoming “rudderless” without his Chief Advisor Dominic Cummings. 

Mr Mitchell said: “I think there is a change coming which is the post-Brexit era.

“I think the Prime Minister is fizzing with ideas about what to do.

“He has set it out very clearly with the levelling up agenda.

“So I am not worried about him being rudderless at all.

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“We do need to improve relations between the Conservative Party in Parliament and Number 10.

“We need to have a clear and guided post-Brexit Government which while it is tackling the Covid crisis, has also got an enormous amount of economic issues.

“A steadier, more respectful and united approach towards the parliamentary party, I think would be very welcome.”

On Friday, Conservative MP Roger Gale slammed Dominic Cummings’ performance as the Prime Minister’s special advisor. 

“And who is able to give the Prime Minister the right advice.

“The advice that he needs, telling him what he needs to hear not what he wants to hear, enabling him to do what is a very difficult job.

“Instead of that, it seems to me that Mr Cummings has been a dead weight around his neck since April, since the Barnard Castle affair.

“And the Prime Minister has spent a huge amount of political capital, unnecessarily, defending the indefensible.”




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