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J Balvin Casually Reveals His Unborn Child’s Gender During Interview!

The singer is looking forward to becoming a parent! As you may know, last month, J Balvin revealed that he and his girlfriend...

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Boris Johnson warned to shelve post-Brexit US deal as Biden to focus on EU and China first | Politics | News

Boris Johnson has not hidden the fact he is hoping to renegotiate the terms of the current trade deal the UK has with the US to build an even stronger relationship with Washington. But the Prime Minister has been warned there is “no pressure” for President-elect Joe Biden to push forward with a new agreement now that Brexit negotiations have concluded. DW correspondent Jens Korte said: “We have heard from Boris Johnson and there are some indications the UK might push forward a bilateral trade agreement with the United States.

“The big question is if it’s really in Washington’s high-priority list to get that new deal done anytime soon.

“There is no pressure for the upcoming President, Joe Biden. First of all, the US actually has a trade surplus with the UK so why make big changes at this point?

“Then, also, Boris Johnson was considered to be rather close with US President Donald Trump and I don’t know if we have the same feelings between the upcoming President and Boris Johnson.”

Mr Korte also suggested Mr Biden might put his focus on strengthening the US’ trade relationship with the European Union, and resolve the trade war President Trump waged against China during his administration.

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He added: ” I would be cautious to really believe that we’d get a new trade deal anytime soon. It might be in the interest of Washington to clear things first with the European Union and China before they take care of the UK.”

Joe Biden had signalled ahead of the US election in November he would not be willing to pursue trade negotiations with the UK if Brexit proved to be detrimental to the peace accords on the isle of Ireland.

But with the EU and the UK finally reaching a deal after nine months of talks, hopes have been renewing over Washington agreeing to consider changes to the free trade agreement currently in place with London.

Mr Biden however has signalled he will be putting much of his efforts into strengthening the domestic US market after the blow the coronavirus pandemic delivered to the economy.

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Asked about potential demands for change to UK food standards and how the NHS purchases US medicines, Mr Lighthizer added: “These negotiations are ongoing.

“You know, clearly, the US needs to get additional access to the agricultural market in the UK – that’s an important part of it, each side has to get something out of it.

“These are complicated technical issues. And they’re the kinds of things that will be worked out, I think, in the in the final stages of negotiation.”


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