Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Amazon PS5 restock update: PlayStation 5 UK stock news for March 2021 | Gaming | Entertainment

A new Amazon PS5 stock update is expected this month, and it could be one of the last big ones until April from the...

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Brexit deal is the 'best news for Ireland in 100 years' claims leading economist

Brexit deal is the ‘best news for Ireland in 100 years’ claims leading economist

He said that when the UK leaves the EU, “the Republic of Ireland will be the one common-law, American-friendly, trading entrepot with full access to the 500 million markets of the EU.”

He added: “Taken together, the vaccine, the low-interest rates and the madness of King Boris provide a golden opportunity for Ireland.

“We must grasp it.”

The author spoke on his influential David McWilliam’s podcast on how the current deal between the UK and the EU would result in Northern Ireland being absorbed by the Republic of Ireland and lead to Scottish Independence.

JUST IN: Macron’s plot to bring Britain back into ‘transformed’ EU

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