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Safaree Publicly Says Getting Married Was His Biggest Mistake – Erica Mena Responds

Safaree Publicly Says Getting Married Was His Biggest Mistake – Erica Mena Responds Source link

    Brexit news: Twitter row ERUPTS as remoaners blast David Frost for celebrating victory | Politics | News

    Britain’s chief negotiator for Brexit took to Twitter to praise the country’s exit from the EU.

    Lord Frost wrote: “Britain has just become a fully independent country again – deciding our own affairs for ourselves.

    “Thank you to everyone who worked with me & @BorisJohnson to get us here in the last 18 months.

    “We have a great future before us. Now we can build a better country for us all.”

    But remainers erupted at the celebration on Thursday evening.


    One social media user wrote: “We will watch and record your successes and failures and you will be left wanting.

    “You have destroyed a great Union.

    “I hope you really believe it’s worth it.”

    Another user replied: “What a ridiculous set of remarks. You failed by your own standards and the ensuing chaos is yours and Johnson’s to own.”

    While a third wrote: “Don’t let them kid you, Brexit isn’t done. Negotiations will go on and on in perpetuity. Honest.”

    However, other social media users praised Lord Frost for his efforts to gain a post-Brexit deal.

    One user wrote: “Thank you Lord Frost, finally our votes from 2016 have been respected!”

    Another commented: “Well done, Lord Frost. The United Kingdom is at last an independent, sovereign country once again.

    “So many have worked so hard to finally achieve our independence. It took nearly 5 years, but democracy finally won the day. Free at last.”


    A third user responded to the remainers and wrote: “Another remainer who can predict the future with certainty but can’t give me the six numbers for the weekend.”

    The Twitter eruption came after the UK began a new relationship with the EU on Thursday evening after the Brexit transition period ended.  

    During the transition Britain remained subject to the bloc’s rules as a member of the single market and customs union.

    But at 23:00 on Thursday, this ended and the UK and EU will now cooperate under a free trade deal which Lord Frost helped negotiate.



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