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J Balvin Casually Reveals His Unborn Child’s Gender During Interview!

The singer is looking forward to becoming a parent! As you may know, last month, J Balvin revealed that he and his girlfriend...

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Brexit will force EU to rethink domination plot with ploy to unhappy nations, peer warns | Politics | News

Brexiteer and Tory peer Lord Moylan argued Brexit has forced the EU to reassess how it deals with countries unhappy in the bloc. During an interview with Express.co.uk, he claimed Brussels may become more accommodating to countries. However, he also warned this could also be used as a ploy to later gain further control in European member state nations.

Lord Moylan said: “I think one of their mistakes is, and the EU know this, is they did not take David Cameron seriously when he wanted to find a way of placating the British electorate by doing some sort of renegotiation.

“I think that next time around, the EU will be much more alert to that.

“They will find a way of not driving countries out of the European Union again.

“I think the EU will be a lot more accommodating in the future.”

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Despite this prediction, Lord Moylan also noted that the EU could choose to be more tactful in its approach to countries threatening to leave.

While still being “accommodating” he argued they may only do this to appear to be listening to the complaints of a country.

He claimed they could pick and choose which nations they make an effort to keep happy and bide their time till a more favourable Government comes into power.

He continued: “Maybe not in every case though, there may be some countries they would be quite happy to see leave, I don’t know.

“Elections change things so maybe it is worth persisting for the EU.

“They could try to accommodate these countries until they calm down.

“Maybe these countries will have genuine concerns that something can be done about, the EU may become more sensitive to issues like that.”


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