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Want to Get Along With Robots? Pretend They’re Animals

Robotics ethicist Kate Darling surveys our history with animals—in work, war, and companionship—to show how we might develop similar relationships with robots. Source link...

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Coronavirus: Researchers propose menopausal women are at higher risk of COVID-19 risk

This means that there was mixed data on whether HRT provided some protection against COVID infections and severity.

However, the researchers concluded their findings support the notion that oestrogen has a “protective effect” from COVID-19 symptoms and severity.

This is based on the “positive association between predicted COVID-19 and menopausal status” alongside a “negative association with COCP use”.

In regards to the HRT data, the researchers said there was a “lack of data” on HRT type, route of administration, duration of treatment, and potential co-morbidities.


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