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Brexit latest: Brussels rages at Frost ‘confrontational’ style– EU rattled by ‘reset’ snub | Politics | News

UK and EU negotiators will kick-start a fresh round of negotiations on Monday to find a resolution to the ongoing situation in Northern Ireland. The...

    EU news: Guy Verhofstadt breaks ranks with attack on Brussels sparking fury | Politics | News

    In a scathing attack on EU leaders, the outspoken MEP questioned why European leaders had been so quiet following the arrest of Hong Kong protesters by the Chinese government. While EU leaders across the continent did not question the arrest of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, many have rightly hit out at the scenes witnessed in Washington this week. In a tweet, the MEP said: “So vocal European leaders are on the riot in Washington but so silent they are on the crackdown in Hongkong!”

    Following his tweet, many were quick to agree with the EU official and issued their criticism for Brussels.

    One person said: “Correct. That story has largely been hidden away.

    “Then again it’s the EU that’s doing a trade deal with China maybe we should all be doing less trade with China from now on?”

    A second said: “The EU are in China’s pocket.”

    A third said: “Actions not words are what is needed now.

    “The EU/ China deal must be scrapped.”

    A fourth said: “EU leaders aren’t allowed to do anything that could hurt German car sales.”

    Others were quick to point to the UK’s criticism of the Chinese government following the arrests of pro-democracy protesters.

    JUST IN: China-EU trade deal causes ‘friction’ with US ahead of Biden term

    The law makes any acts of secession, terrorism or collusion with foreign powers in Hong Kong affairs illegal.

    If found guilty, the Chinese government can hand out life imprisonment, and is even given the power to try officials overseas.

    Mr Wong’s arrest also comes at a time whereby the EU and China agreed an investment deal last month.

    Under the agreement, the Chinese market will be opened up for EU investors.

    China did vow to protect labour standards within the agreement amid concern over the treatment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.

    Many have stated the EU has now disregarded the concerns for not just Uighur Muslims in China but also the rights of Hong Kong democrats.


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