Wednesday, March 17, 2021

McConnell Warns Democrats to Keep Filibuster

Senator Mitch McConnell said that “the most mundane task of the Biden presidency would actually be harder — harder, not easier” if Democrats...

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Hair loss treatment: Iron and zinc deficiencies impact a person’s hair growth

Hair loss is a common problem which may be improved with certain vitamins. Vitamins and minerals are integral for normal cell growth and function and may contribute to hair loss when they are deficient. According to studies, having an iron or zinc deficiency could cause hair loss and by increasing these essential micronutrients, you could increase your hair growth.

“Zinc is an essential mineral required by hundreds of enzymes and multiple transcription factors that regulate gene expression.

“While the exact mechanism of action is unclear, one possibility centres on zinc’s role as an essential component of numerous metalloenzymes important in protein synthesis and cell division.

“Another possibility is zinc’s role in the Hedgehog signalling pathway, a critical component in the pathways that govern hair follicle morphogenesis.

“Screening in those with risk factors is indicated, as hair loss due to zinc deficiency can be reversed.”

Iron and zinc are essential micronutrients for human health.

Deficiencies in these two nutrients remain a global problem, especially among women and children in developing countries.

Supplementation with iron and zinc as single micronutrients enhances distinct and unique biochemical and functional outcomes.

Eating a diet rich in meat, shellfish, seeds, nuts, dairy, eggs and whole grain is a healthy way to ensure you are getting enough iron and zinc to increase hair growth.


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