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Valorant Breeze update: New Valorant map reveal date set for April | Gaming | Entertainment

Valorant has been teasing its new Breeze map this week and has now confirmed when fans will get to see new gameplay.Not much is...

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How to live longer: Giving up alcohol could add up to 28 years onto your life

How to live longer: Giving up alcohol could add up to 28 years onto your life

The Karolinska Institutet analysed life expectancy in people with “alcohol use disorder” in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Over a 20-year period, death from all sorts of ailments were markedly higher in this drinking group. People may question what constitutes as an “alcohol use disorder”, how many drinks do you need to qualify for such a diagnosis? For the premise of their research, it only included patients who were hospitalised and diagnosed with alcohol use disorder.

However, there are lots of health risks associated with drinking alcohol, so what are they?

In the research paper, the scientists had written: “Increased alcohol consumption is associated with increased disease burden.”

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism warned that drinking too much – even on a single occasion – “can take a serious toll on your health”.

The brain

Alcohol consumption “interferes with the brain’s communication pathways”, which can disrupt mood and behaviour, making it harder to think clearly.

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