Monday, March 8, 2021

Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson: Were MJ and Oprah Winfrey friends? ‘Very likeable’ | Music | Entertainment

Oprah Winfrey has become far more than a talk show host over the years, having run food businesses, a magazine, produced TV shows and...

James Bond star Tanya Roberts on the ‘curse of being a Bond Girl’ | Films | Entertainment

Despite these nerves, Tanya went on to take the role, becoming the femme fatale that was Stacey Sutton in the 1985 hit.

She continued: “I thought to myself, well you can have regrets if you wish, but what’s the point?

“At the time I didn’t know what I know now, and to be honest, who would turn that role down, really? Nobody would.

“All you have to think to yourself is: ‘Could I have been better in the part?’ That’s all you can say to yourself because turning the part down would have been ridiculous, you know? I mean nobody would do that, nobody.”

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