Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Russia tried to influence 2020 election in Pro-Trump campaign says US intelligence

Russia tried to influence 2020 election in Pro-Trump campaign says US intelligenceIn the 15-page report published by the Office of the Director of National...

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Lewis Hamilton talks ‘emotional’ George Floyd death and Black Lives Matter importance | F1 | Sport

“And seeing the movement and going to London, and seeing people in all walks of life, was a moment I will never ever forget.”

When quizzed on whether he was nervous to use his platform to connect himself to the BLM movement, he added: “I think perhaps in the past I felt for sure I had to tread carefully.

“My Dad would always tell me, right from the get-go being the only black family at these races, ‘tread carefully. Keep quiet. And just do your talking on the track’.

“I tried to speak about it when I got to F1 but, again, I was alone there. The understanding wasn’t there with a lot of people.

“I’m not educated enough also. You learn about white history, simple as. I never learned about black history, I never learned where my family were from.

“I knew my family were from Grenada but my dad hadn’t really taken me through the history books of where my granddad’s roots started, where my great grandparents are from.

“It wasn’t until this year, it was a real learning year. I had to do the learning myself and discovered my grandparents were from the Windrush generation, which [makes me] even more proud of my grandparents and what they achieved.

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