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AstraZeneca vaccine side effects: Enlarged lymph nodes and other uncommon side effects

THE ASTRAZENECA vaccine controversy rages on, with several countries pausing the rollout after reports emerged that linked the vaccine to blood clots. There is...

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Matt Hancock told to resign as Health Secretary over handling of the coronavirus pandemic | Politics | News

TalkRADIO host Mike Graham and Baroness Hoey discussed the UK Government’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis as a three-tier system is set to be implemented across England following the end of the national lockdown next week. Baroness Hoey criticised the national lockdown’s ineffectiveness in Kent where cases have increased during November.  

Mr Graham said: “I cannot explain and neither can anyone else, why Kent’s figures have gone up so much.”

Baroness Hoey replied: “It just seems ridiculous given that there has been a complete lockdown.

“No one has been able to give satisfactory criteria of why they are deciding certain things.

“Obviously, the more people that are tested the more people are going to show up with Covid.

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“But it does not mean that they have symptoms, and it does not mean that they are going to be particularly ill or even that they are going to pass it on.

“I have said before and I will say it again, I honestly think it is time for a new brood, a new Health Secretary.”

This evening during the Downing Street press briefing, Boris Johnson outlined the UK Government’s latest mass testing plan in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The Prime Minister stated that regions will be initially placed into three tiers and explained how mass testing can rapidly reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

“Crucially we now have the means to accelerate that moment of escape with rapid community testing allowing anyone carrying the disease including those without symptoms to isolate and therefore reducing the R.

“The truth is at least one in three people with Covid have no symptoms at all and may be spreading the disease without knowing they have got it.

“The only way to identify them and protect everyone is through mass testing.

He added: “Testing on this scale is untried but in due course, if it works where people test negative it may also be possible for families and communities to be released from certain restrictions even if their home areas stay in Tier 3.”


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