Tuesday, March 9, 2021

SNP news: Ian Blackford ‘ambushed’ party staffer in meeting over SNP MP harassment claims | Politics | News

The man detailed two incidents and claimed the complaints were being swept under the carpet by SNP bosses. The staffer claimed the first incident occurred...

Mick Schumacher to Ferrari: Coulthard explains when star will replace Leclerc or Sainz | F1 | Sport

Meanwhile, Schumacher has defended Lewis Hamilton as well as his father and says their hard work should be recognised rather than the cars they have driven.

“When we look at a champion dominating an entire era there is a risk of overlooking something important. The enormous amount of work it requires, how relevant are the resources, energy and talent applied by that champion who then wins,” he told Corriere Della Sera Sport.

“This is as true for Hamilton as it is for my father. There is nothing random about a great success.

“It’s an iceberg, and we often only see the tip of that iceberg emerging from the water.”

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