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Man Utd chief Ed Woodward held secret talks with Boris Johnson days before ESL launch | Football | Sport

Labour are now demanding minutes of the meeting after Johnson made clear his position on the disastrous European Super League proposals earlier this week.Jo...

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Millwall issue statement as players to link arms rather than take a knee vs QPR after boos | Football | Sport

The statement added: “Moving forward, the club and its Community Trust have started the first-ever audit of Board members, staff, volunteers and participants as part of an ongoing commitment towards equality, diversity and inclusion in all areas of operations.

“An internal survey has been sent to all appropriate stakeholders and its findings will allow the club to set necessary benchmarks as part of a new widespread and multi-faceted anti-discrimination strategy.

“Included within that will be the formation of an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Code of Practice to cover departments throughout the club’s activities and recruitment processes.

“On top of a push towards ensuring the entire Millwall workforce is fully representative of its diverse local community, the Trust will continue their outstanding and industry-leading work around anti-discrimination within the Boroughs of Southwark, Lewisham and, most importantly, further afield.

“This will still include programmes and projects within primary and secondary schools and colleges as education, the club believes, is the most important driver in ridding society of discrimination of all kinds.”

Colchester owner Robbie Cowling said fans against players taking a knee are not welcome at the club.

In a statement of his own he reacted: “It is undeniable that black and other ethnic minority people are still the victims of racism, and the black footballers and staff at Colchester United feel that they are in a position of privilege that has been fought for through the blood and sweat of their ancestors.

“A position that in 2020 the average black person is still not afforded.

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