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This iPhone trick that FINALLY lets you record video and play music at the same time

This iPhone trick that FINALLY lets you record video and play music at the same time IF YOU'VE always wondered how to record video with...

    Nicola Sturgeon faces brutal backlash over independent plot during pandemic ‘How dare she’ | Politics | News

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon defended her intentions to focus on independence as Scotland deals with the coronavirus crisis. While speaking to Channel 4 she argued that countries around the world are thinking post-pandemic and insisted Scotland should do so as well. In this preparation for the future, she claimed this would most definitely include a recovery of the country and push towards independence.

    Ms Sturgeon said: “As we start to recover from this, all societies and all countries are asking themselves, what do we want to recover to, what changes do we want?

    “It is an opportunity to tackle some of the deep-seated issues and problems like inequality and poverty.

    “And for Scotland, that involves the consideration of who holds the levers?

    “Where do the powers lie? And that, of course, brings to the fore the question of independence.”

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    These comments outraged many listeners who voiced their anger at the SNP leader for her “obsessive campaign” during the crisis.

    One furious Twitter user wrote: “How dare she!

    “In the midst of a serious health pandemic and total lockdown, whilst benefiting from the best pooling and sharing we could hope for from UK Government, as well as the speedy UK vaccine approval, she is STILL banging on about separation.

    “I am sick to the back teeth of it”

    “The priority of Sturgeon and the SNP still appears to be their obsessive campaign to break up the UK.”

    Another Twitter user wrote: “Absolutely abhorrent.

    “The day the entire country goes into lockdown again she is trying to hijack it for another basis for independence.

    “She needs to go, resign Sturgeon.”


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