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McConnell Threatens Retaliation for Filibuster Change as Idea Gains Strength

Activists urge Democrats to build a case by showing Republicans are determined to block popular liberal legislation on voting rights, immigration and guns. Source...

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Nicola Sturgeon news: Britons FURIOUS as Scottish FM branded ‘LIAR’ after Marr grilling | Politics | News

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon faced numerous accusations of “lying” from viewers and social media users following her interview on The Andrew Marr Show as she was questioned about political decisions she has made for Scotland over recent months. BBC host Mr Marr quickly got on the front foot and challenged the SNP leader on her pledge to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence should her party triumph over rivals in the Scottish elections next May with a majority in hand. But he told her this was “simply not true” as Boris Johnson has made it “very, very clear he’s not going to give you the referendum in the next few years that you want”, telling her as things stand, “you have absolutely no answer, no comeback to that”.

Ms Sturgeon replied by telling Mr Marr she is a “democrat” and takes instructions from “the people of Scotland, not from Boris Johnson”.

The First Minister added: “I’m going to do the old fashioned, traditional, democratic thing and I’m going to ask the people of Scotland in May for their authority for a legal referendum to allow people in Scotland to choose their own future.”

But viewers tuning flooded social media to accuse the First Minister of making false claims on independence to sustain her personal vision for Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon and Mr Marr also clashed on the First Minister’s record throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with the BBC host reminding the leader she had promised care home residents would be tested for COVID-19 twice before leaving hospital to avoid spreading the disease to other residents.

But last week SNP Health Secretary Jeane Freeman admitted discharges without two negative tests are still being allowed.

Following this exchange, one social media user said: “@NicolaSturgeon feels quite confident that she can just lie her way through interviews like this and will still be re-elected next year – what a shambles of a country we live in.”

Ms Sturgeon was also accused of “lying” by social media users following a previous interview with Mr Marr about her knowledge of claims levelled against her predecessor Alex Salmond.

During the TV clash, Ms Sturgeon hit back at Mr Marr, accusing him of “conflating” two separate occasions and having provided a written explanation about her knowledge of the case.

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A second reader wrote: “The democracy in Scotland is that the people are being told to change their mind because they apparently got it wrong last time.

“They will keep being pressured time and time again until they get it right.

“The parallels with the vile EU are frightening.

Another person commented: “If indeed she was a democrat, she would have accepted the result of the Referendum, she is no more a Democrat than Putin.

“As my mother said, if you tell a lie and you are found out, people will always wonder if you are always telling lies.

“So, the fact she has since the result of the referendum been harping on to get another one does not reflect the traits of someone that believes in Democracy.

“I voted leave but accepted the result, I will never vote SNP again purely down to their inability to accept the outcome and their inability to take Scotland forward as they are still stuck in Bannockburn while the world has moved on.”

A fourth person said: “Let’s hope the people of Scotland vote for other parties by a landslide to oust these divisive people.

“The SNP need to be taught governing by threats is no way to Govern anyone in this world.”


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