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TV licence could be SCRAPPED …as long as your internet speed is good enough

TV licence could be SCRAPPED ...as long as your internet speed is good enoughTHE GOVERNMENT is looking into plans to scrap the annual TV...

    Valtteri Bottas backed to win George Russell battle after Lewis Hamilton defends F1 star | F1 | Sport

    “Me a young guy said, ‘It’s normal, I’m not here to lose, I’m here to win.’ And it was interesting, then, when Ayrton recognised, ‘Hold on a second, this young guy is bloody quick. I have to take all my effort and experience in my career to find a way I can kick this young Finnish driver’s butt and beat him. There’s no way I allow him to be faster than me.’

    “That’s what he did, he used every possible trick what he has ever collected in his career to be faster than me and it worked. It put my feet on the ground, I started looking at myself in the mirror, ‘Mika how good really are you?’

    “I realised that way I had to work harder but also my engineers had to work harder, I had to start demanding much more from them too. It’s not enough to say there’s a little bit of understeering, they have to go to the next level and find a way to see what we can do to make me go quicker. It’s a team’s work.

    Valtteri Bottas makes defiant Lewis Hamilton statement for 2021
    Daniel Ricciardo gifts Hamilton present ‘more meaningful than title’
    George Russell in ‘prime position’ to partner Hamilton at Mercedes

    “Coming back to Valtteri being in this incredible position in this Mercedes team, incredible results this year 2020, fighting against this great champion Lewis Hamilton.

    “Similar work is going on his mind constantly, pushing himself, pushing the engineers, finding the solutions, ‘Why am I one-tenth slower? What do they have different? How can I get more out of the engineers?’

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